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Are you ready to break out for the chains of tradition, you don't need to be one of the chosen few in order to be successful, you can pave your own path and build your own road and here you'll own your own future, create your own platform and control your own destiny as here is where we show you exactly how to make it happen. No matter where you are in your journey, your dreams define you and our job is to turn them into reality

We need to get our message delivered in a style that connects and resonates with others in the new virtual world not forgetting the positives of offline. A million moving parts can leave gaps and holes nearly invisible to the naked eye but always seen by customers. A strategic business mobile is usually developed by a business yet is not as effective as a results model which once laid in requires far fewer resources such as programs, systems, and people. Having built multi-million dollar businesses, destroying them to then rebuilding means many lessons learned, many changes made, and many dollars saved. The fees we charge are not based on the time it takes to implement but the years it took to learn to save you time, expense and deliver the shortcuts so you can leapfrog to the next levels. Individuals want financial freedom we just change the timeframe  

Here are some successful individuals who have relied on my expertise ūüĎČ Click here.

To get results, the information and training we¬†supply is not designed to have you stay in your lane¬†and my tribe does not believe the rules were made to be followed and everything stays status quo. so let’s forget about what your industry says you can or cannot do or achieve and just do and achieve it!¬†

First, by being introduced to innovative and creative thought we provide insight to opportunities where others see obstacles.

The understanding of brain patterning –

how this affects process & developed thought to create the foundation on which we build change.

  • Replace process and reposition you with deals and transactions so more cross the line for more profitable results.
  • Increasing your bottom line by removing, remodeling, and restructuring what’s above it.
  • Build high performance by supplying what’s missing and removing the roadblocks.

Finding faster ways for the folding to hit your back pocket is achieved by realizing anything is possible it is just an undiscovered process Each course includes step-by-step instructions and real-life examples, with implementation options ensuring you can apply what you learn immediately to see tangible results.

In our corporate program.

We start with the helicopter view to see what the state of play and map is out how to get ahead of the game.

This program can only be done by myself as it is extremely difficult to find another trainer consultant who has,

  • 40-year background in kinesics.
  • lifetime mastery of subliminal marketing
  • Owned businesses since the age of 18
  • been bankrupt and had it annulled
  • Fought his way through federal court to come second place without committing a crime
  • build, destroy then rebuilt multimillion-dollar businesses

and been a member of Australia’s highest-paid life insurance sales team at the age of 18 Sales and marketing training by becoming a part of the team and understanding the dynamics with a mission to increase closing rates as many don’t need more sales leads, they just need higher conversion of the leads they have.

In this program,

  • we take admin, sales/marketing, and personal to a level not openly available elsewhere that transforms.
  • We introduce automated self-employment of staff reducing HR overhead and increasing closing rates for sales teams
  • We understand that as a business grows it becomes less efficient so we remove operation overhead without a large drop in turnover by applying the now and what’s new
  • We automate and remove redundant programs, systems, and methods to free up company resources

Change your operation mantra as a barman doesn’t want to sell drinks, he wants to make money and therefore that requires a different process in the way he serves beer.

For those that have something to say!

Speak like a pro, get booked on stages, run virtual and live events, and impact millions across the globe. Designed for coaches, speakers, experts, and service providers. Your personal story and message can transform many and rapidly spread your message allowing others to achieve their dreams whilst allowing you to achieve yours. These skills can make you a master at webinars, a sort-after podcast guest, a doubling of your database seemingly overnight, and put you into the world’s highest-paid occupation. Also the road map of events when to speak, to who, where and when and for how much and how to be paid, etc.

When we work in this environment it is only available one on one as it is personal to the personality of the speaker, as you are not being taught how to speak on stage but create metamorphosis with an audience to communicate at a level below conscious awareness and learned correctly will have you amongst the worlds highest paid speakers who like me made over $20,400,000 in 42 months by checkable official records. We first discover your story and frame it to create transformation in practically everyone who hears it and with my prior background in the entertainment industry and talk language we rewrite language as words have value and I want to learn expensive ones. I teach you the 9 stage stories delivered to the unconscious that has the conscious jumping out of its seat at the end of your presentation and had me labeled by Govt officials as “The dangerous showman“.

You will need a roadmap for understanding events so you know when to speak and for who, about what, and when. The contract clauses you wish you had, the payment arrangements, etc 

also how to lay out a room as a bad room layout is worse than a bad hair day.  A step-by-step checklist like pilots use so everything takes off as it should and gets you to your desired destination.

My job is clear and simple…change and add to what you are doing now to add a comma to your bank account by multiplying the lead, conversion, and structure for sales within your funnel to save you time and resources ¬†Therefore an initial chat is best because we don’t want to journey down a road together for which we cannot guarantee a result.¬†

We all have a book inside us except few of us ever write it. We all have struggles and desires as we are all human.  We all need meaning and purpose to fulfill the dream of happiness and we all experience life setbacks.

Mine was I was born a spastic, and by medical science, I was put back together but I have a reconfigured logic system that finds solutions by different pathways which has some wondering how I find my innovative solutions as they often come from out of left field.

Mt thought¬†processes¬†sometimes upset authorities and the Status Quo which creates setbacks for me but I’m driven by wanting to make a difference and see people become masters of their genius and not be held back by others or the traditional thinkers.¬†

My father was disappointed I was a dropout selling life insurance at age 18 but the people I met then and their influence made me millions over my life I learned also that money is boring once you have food shelter and a car and unfortunately you only experience¬†this when you experience¬†it. I don’t have kids but people who do, live for them as I live for seeing people perform¬†their best, especially when I’m¬†a part of it.

My previous mission was to change the way the world buys and sells houses and I¬†did that¬†with the We Buy Houses Business Globally and now it’s more personal.¬†

Happiness is acquired by having meaning and purpose and reason for being and wanting to be the best at what you do. Never chase money as I promise you, it will find you if you get these other bits right   

When we have an initial chat we will see where the synergy lies and either way will be happy to share resources with you to help get you to the next level ¬† ūüĎČ Click here.

yours in business…Rick

You observe what you see, and you know what you know, and we succeed from doing what we know

Let us be the ones who take action and do. ūüĎá

Zoom has become the go-to platform for global communication and transactions.

What you earn today is the power of what you know put into action. If your time is limited consider leapfrogging to get the results faster, 
to have money sent to your bank account instead of leaving it.

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