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We are living in a crisis right now, with minimalized communication due to technology that can only convey, at most, 7% of what is being transmitted. Since human communication consists of 38% tone, 55% body language, and 7% words, so much of a possible sale is left on the table and your left wondering why didn't they buy. Here we explain and put it all back so they do.

Hi, my name is Rick Otton, and I’m here to restore the lost productivity in the world of real estate and property that technology has stripped out.

We need to learn the proper way to sit at a desk in a meeting, how many pieces of paper consumers will accept before saying no, the meaning of the raised eyebrow and do you stand to his right or left?

What if we had the blueprint for a meeting that confirmed the sale because we had all the necessary components on hand ahead of time? When a sculptor has complete control over the materials at his disposal, the paints for a canvas will always yield an exquisite work of art as the layout is penciled out beforehand.

Despite AI’s increased efficiency saving time, it’s destroying its value due to low conversations and face-to-face interactions even over Zoom are crucial for building and refining our communication skills in many contexts that can provide close to 100% conversion rate when practiced and applied correctly.

What if we could flip a switch to have the best of both worlds both personally and business? We could experience:

  • A massive increase in per-hour income in time spent at the coalface doing real estate 

  • Divorce rates would decline since it would become easier to communicate which is a side benefit.

  • A much higher conversion rate on deal closings with buyers and sellers.

  • Less marketing expense as this advanced style of communication has the marketing done for us

  • Enormous increases in sales & productivity with mental illness dropping down to Asian levels

As previously said, my name is Rick Otton, and I have studied, perfected, and practiced the art of human communication since I was a youngster and provide the plug-in for real estate investing and am the best at what I do.

It’s time to delve deeper. I was acknowledged in the first “Body Language” and “Talk Language” books that sold over 15,000,000 copies, made “We Buy Houses” a globally recognizable brand, and trained over 35,000 business people in the lucrative art of subliminal science. This does not come without messing with the Status Quo, unsetting traditionalists, by asking “Why is it so?” at every opportunity and recognizing change is possible it’s just an undiscovered process. 

Since I was a teenager, this mastery of kinesics and subliminal science has grown as a result of enthusiasm and a lifetime of practice, and it has become evident that I was one of very few students at my school.

So, I have provided a variety of information on the main page that covers topics that begin your trip by altering the way you compute what you already know rather than adding to it. My skill is unpacking, inverting, and transforming the way we communicate with the resulting benefits being dependent on where you wish to focus your newborn talents.

P.S. I can teach real estate strategies but revolutionize your life by changing the way you communicate it. I completely restructure your communication style such that it gets ingrained in you and you don’t have to learn it anymore. As the movie states, “I have a particular set of skills,” thus if you choose to work with me, you will not be working with someone also as there is not anyone else. We start with the basics such as:    

  • what to say
  • what not to say
  • what room to be in when you say it
  • how to present to achieve the desired outcome

 Click the button below to put back the long lost Human Interaction and Communication Skills that Technology has taken out and discover what only a very few ever have the opportunity to learn

We start with the helicopter view to see what the state of play and map is out how to get ahead of the game.

This program can only be done by myself as it is extremely difficult to find another trainer consultant who has,

40-year background in kinesics.
lifetime mastery of subliminal marketing
Owned businesses since the age of 18
build, destroy then rebuilt multimillion-dollar businesses

and been a member of Australia’s highest-paid life insurance sales team at the age of 18 Sales and marketing training by becoming a part of the team and understanding the dynamics with a mission to increase closing rates as many don’t need more sales leads, they just need higher conversion of the leads they have.

In this program,

we take admin, sales/marketing, and personal to a level not openly available elsewhere that transforms.
We introduce automated self-employment of staff reducing HR overhead and increasing closing rates for sales teams
We understand that as a business grows it becomes less efficient so we remove operation overhead without a large drop in turnover by applying the now and what’s new
We automate and remove redundant programs, systems, and methods to free up company resources

Change your operation mantra as a barman doesn’t want to sell drinks, he wants to make money and therefore that requires a different process in the way he serves beer.

My job is clear and simple…change you or your company and the best way to do this is not to tack on another program or course that has you swimming in a bunch of unrelated pieces trying to connect the dots. I do not re-tell what has already been told or show what is known as this can be found in books. I upset traditional thinking and repel dated processes whilst representing change.  Let’s not journey down a road together for which we cannot guarantee a result so let’s chat first…Rick  

My mission is to change the way the world buys and sells houses and I did that with the We Buy Houses Business now it’s time to share those secret ingredients to assist in getting you the same outcome

Let’s see where the synergy lies happy to chat only at first to get to know you and share resources to help get you to the next level if I am unable to personally assist.

You observe what you see, and you know what you know, and we succeed from doing what we know

Let us be the ones who take action and do. 👇

What you earn today is the power of what you know put into action. Only apply if you are open to what’s new as I do not repeat what is available elsewhere,  to have money sent to your bank account instead of leaving it.

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