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To ensure that you are always well-informed with the latest information, trends, and strategies, my business associate and I have established a unique learning institution that offers a reference library constantly updated to keep you ahead of the game, so check it out


[ An open letter to those moving forward ]

My name is Rick Otton, and I'm here to assist those "in the game" reaching their full potential. I'm a seasoned player with experience developing and creating in a variety of countries so I can take you all the way to the top with the latest and greatest in street smart processes and strategy if you're up for it.

You can’t just magically acquire the expertise necessary to be the best; it takes dedicated efffort and ongoing improvement. If you want to get to the tip of the pencil quickly, you need to start with some basic skills. The same is true for building an empire or even a great business—you need to start with something. Advanced business tools are available for individuals with experience, while simple road maps and step-by-step instructions are provided for those just starting out. Anyone looking for consistent, up-to-date instruction, meaningful relationships within the community, real-time assistance, and that “something more” that sets us apart will find what they’re looking for at the We Buy Houses Learning Academy.

Here (👉 Link ) Have look inside as we designed it so you learn and earn at the same time:)

Remember what we earn today is the power of what we know put into action…..so for those that want to fast track and simply plug into what’s already built at a higher level then private tuition and hand holding from someone who started where you are 

With a vision, we can ignite a fire of passion, and that fire will grow into a set of goals to serve as benchmarks, like a GPS system that shows you the way. You need a strong desire, like a fire, and then money will follow.

If we lose sight of the big picture, we lose focus so keep so we’ll go further as a team and transformation will occur when we experience and embrace the following…

where we are today, is not where we want to be..

Two ways I can assist you.


Become a part of our group where we share unique content.

Short, sharp and to the point,  we all want results so community and direct is best.


Work with me Privately

Let’s add a comma to your bank statement and create systems and processes to multiply your leads, conversions and sales 

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