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[ An open letter to freedom seekers ]

My name is Richard Otton, a master of Real Estate helping seasoned players and Companies be the best in the game. I'm highly skilled in two areas, Real Estate and Subliminal Marketing / Sales.

Being the best in the game requires a skillset you cannot download overnight as it’s developed over years of constant practice, and refinement. To harness such skills requires dedication in order to secure a speedy ride to the sharp end of the pencil with tangible measurable results….not learned by what is written but by what is shown as the learning is not just words (7%),  but tonality (38%)  and body language (55%) . Mastery is proficiency in all three!

A Vision first will fire passion as goals are only plotted milestones or measuring sticks, a GPS to provide clarity of direction. A Passion or burning desire is required and from that, money will arrive. 
Often, we look to our past process expecting to achieve a diffferent result but that requires change and change  can only take place when we internalise and accept the following… 

What we earn today is the power of what we know put into action…..

Therefore  I can only assist those who decide that where they today, is not where they want to be..

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Stop Learning, and Start Earning from Real Estate for faster results

Transact properties as learning alone requires time and money. Let’s do deals so you make money whilst you learn so then you can own

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