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Richard has over 40 years of expertise in “Subliminal Science”, defined as (delivering messages at a level below conscious awareness) and as such was a contributor to the first commercially successful book on the subject, “Body Language”, selling over 15,000,000 copies which was followed by “Talk Language”.

Unfortunately, these skills are closely guarded secrets that NLP practitioners tend to hold back but not anymore With one-on-one coaching with Richard as your guide, you’ll delve into the fascinating world of subliminal influences, learning

Where to sit, Where to stand, How to pass forms

How to script language patterns, How to use silence 

How to use “Umms”, personal territories and zones

The step progression that gets proposals accepted

Using a pen in ways that provide far more utility than you know 

receive a transformation that gives you mastery in the  hidden forces that shape perception and where customers just want to say YES!

Subliminal Science – where knowledge becomes influence!

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Book a Call to Develop the skill of creating messages that are unconsciously compelling to give you a competitive edge in communication and marketing.
appeal to the subconscious to strengthen your relationship with your audience and increase engagement and sales without needing to sell.

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"What you earn is the power of what you know put into action"

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