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Connecting all these new opportunities that have become available to us since COVID-19, let’s spread the word to everyone.

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A robust network is continually forward-thinking due to its constant flow of information from multiple sources. 

As they say, all you need to do is get to know James; you don’t need to know what he knows!

I can bring to the table the network, the tools, contacts, and processes supporting multiple countries, so where you live is not an issue—even if everyone speaks Greek—for individuals who are time-constrained, just starting out, or looking to advance quickly!

With 40 years of expertise and the capacity to bring all the elements to the table, you may take advantage of the knowledge without having to bear the related costs or suffer through the learning process.

Everything is shifting so quickly. “VA’s” will soon be AI, GPT will create legal contracts, along with outbound and inbound marketing.That has already been altered, though. 

Most processes are now digital in most countries thanks to Covid, and when they aren’t, we create them. Plugins handle the majority of tasks.

Being a complete maverick when it comes to business, I have many joint ventures with people that share my vision. When our two equals are combined, a triple is produced rather than a double. 

With the help of this innovative programme, people may collaborate and quickly combine their different skills to produce a valuable final product. It’s a new way forward. 

Starting out, all resources, classes, and learning aids are provided for free, allowing you to make money while studying and staying ahead of the competition. 

We all have abilities in common since, for those who don’t know, I introduced lease options, aided sales, 10-10s, and We Buy Houses in several countries beginning in Dallas in 1989.

To initiate a conversation, click the following link, or contact me over Whatsapp at +61431900045. I take calls on my own.   Tell me a story so I can see whether I may be of assistance.

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CONTACT ME or what's App I answer my own phone +61431900045

"What you earn is the power of what you know put into action"

Real estate as you've never seen it!

For the first time Rick Otton in the USA live online event ....

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Saturday 16 September 2023