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My identity may be a mystery to you.

Although I bought my first house when I was twenty years old, it was my study in the subject “subliminal Science” that made me an acknowledged contributor to two publications that were commercial successes: “Body Language,” which has sold over fifteen million copies since 1980, and “Talk Language,” which was released a few years later.

I used these skills to become the pioneer of the international real estate enterprise “We Buy Houses,” many people know today, they just don’t know me by name ….that’s right the guy behind those ugly yellow street signs with the black writing. I was able to take this to the world even where they didn’t speak English with innovative techniques for buying and selling houses, some requiring minimal personal investment in the way of resources yet providing scale and leverage.

Expanding into the realm of training and education, we have empowered more than 35,000 individuals and are launching We Buy Houses Learning Schools, the first of its kind being in the UK, with David Lee at the helm, sharing his business acumen to help others find their way. 

How to Buy a House for a Dollar” was my third book and most famous or infamous as, whilst financial magazines hailed it as a game-changer, it did stir up some controversy amongst the establishment as some thought I was advocating buying multi-million dollar properties for a dollar, when in fact I was just suggesting that people acquire assets by taking on debt for a dollar as did Mark Bates with Chelsea FootBall team in 1982 and The Woolworth company in 2008. 

How to get people to give you money” is my most recent book, and you can find it on Amazon. 

I am currently collaborating with a few hungry, time-poor individuals who are wanting to work privately to get more folding in the back pocket and get to the next level by multiply their leads, conversions and sales whilst reducing their allocation of resources to do so.. 

 For those ready to go to that level click 👉 Link  and lets have a chat

Because it's easier to steer a moving boat when a change of direction is required.

I've learned from years of experience in business when to pivot. The two things that excite me presently are:


Changing the way we buy and sell houses to make it easier for people


Sharing the wisdom I've gained over my life's work with a select few privately

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