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Hi, I’m Rick Otton and decades at the coal face has taught me that the only thing we cannot buy in life is time so we need to maximize the outcome as we’re a long time looking up at the lid and nobody is inviting us back for a second innings. 

So we need to get moving and moving fast as time is what we cannot buy more of .

As a coach a best-selling author, a visionary, and a trailblazer in the world of  property and business my innovative concepts have created a massive following, revolutionizing and creating new normals so lets cut thru the noise and deliver clear, actionable techniques that drive real results and lets do it together.

We will apply methods that have have been tested and proven over decades to help businesses and you grow your bottom line.
Global Reach: Whether you’re a local startup or a global corporation, My strategies are designed to fit any market and I prefer to work with individuals or companies where I am rewarded from profits achieved by clients rather than fees charged 

Hi, My Name is Rick Otton., the guy behind the int’l property real estate brand “We Buy Houses”, and I empower real estate investors to own their space like never before, allowing them to communicate more effectively on an advanced level and close more deals in a unique community environment 


I am the best at what I do, so, before our time slips through the hourglass I provide the road map to the mind’s thoughts. like components of an orchestra. Which you will learn to conduct. Proposal location, body language, human territory, talk language. and an awareness of personal zones and situational human territories. 

But this journey begins with creative and innovative methods of strategy. so therefore grab this Book, as it’s free, powerful and complete. 

Join my community and harvest a copy!,

To close more transactions you need to know that, of 100% of communication, 7% is words, 38% is
tonality and 55% is non-verbals.
This program covers nonverbal communication, with 14 videos showing how to influence by
employing this 55%. It would help if you had this or your competition wins.
it’s all available to you within my community

  • With my advanced learning you won’t speak sentences but rather constructed conversation, leading to more deals 
  • We define a location into territories and sit in the right room to bring in more deals we don’t just sit anywhere 
  • We speak expensive words, making money in a way that unwanted language can not 
  • People prefer to work with you rather than your competitors because of your mastery of subliminal science. 
  • Spoken words are only 7% of communication, my programs provide the other 93% meaning more deals get done

More Creative Resources


Rent to Own. Lease Options is the first program of its kind released in the UK and the Master program by which all others have since been modeled. Introducing “We Buy Houses° into the UK in 2002 meant new ideas and new thinking and this program saved many investors during the GPO’s shutdown of traditional funding. I provide this program to you as it’s the – entry into smart innovative thinking and the can opener for many new ideas to follow.

  • How to increase profits whilst at the same time reducing outlays 
  • How to 3x the number of transactions monthly 
  • What to do with the 80% of leads rejected by deal sources and wholesalers
  •  Save thousands by simply using all the included forms and documents.

A PR release would say ” Rick is a best-selling author, a visionary, a trailblazer, and a maverick in the world of property having built the “We Buy Houses” organization worldwide by defying traditions, disrupting established processes and replacing outdated methods. Orthodox thinkers question his innovative concepts whilst others applaud creating his massive following as he revolutionizes and pioneers new normals that cut through the noise and deliver clear, actionable techniques at a level below conscious awareness that drives real results

This community is the best way to meet other brilliant imaginative people who share your appreciation of fresh perspectives as unlike most, it doesn’t use cookie-cutter approaches. We provide many free resources to the group which means recipients have higher levels of conversion for real estate interactions, we include connections between kinesics, grammar. subtlety, syntax nuance, and communication at a level below conscious awareness. We create not follow and In addition to a wide variety of real estate tools, we also provide several crafts, including:

  • where on a desk to place a document for the buyer or seller to sign without it being rejected. 
  • how to use a pen to reduce prospect anxiety which then opens the door to favorable decision-making 
  • decipher the language of breathing patterns so you can quickly pivot or adjust 
  • comprehensive control over all external factors ensuring the phrase ‘I want to think about it “will never be heard

Never lose your train of thought or get sidetracked in your proposal presentation again with the help of the 8-question technique for changing no’s into yes. This straight train line provides eight questions that will have them wanting to accept your proposal, this systematic technique guarantees a significantly greater conversion rate with your real estate and I have been personally using it since I was aged 18


  • Negotiation Rules: You have alternatives. carefully convey that you may be pulling out to pull the other party in
  • “if I will, can you” is a common tactic used to frame trade outs as a substantial compromise
  • Time, its tempo, and how this influences your buyer or sellers decision-making
  • How do you present yourself in a negotiating situation such that the other party wants what you have to offer
  • Discover all 7 with the included tutorials

It takes practice but I want you to call checkmate before the other party moves their first pawn in a Chess game.
Get a copy of my negotiation book in the Community Centre as it covers the 7 steps of negotiation getting you the property you want at the price you want

My journey was less confined by conventional wisdom and more open to innovation and creativity when I built a globally recognized brand with “We Buy Houses” that catered to international cultural, linguistic, and legal compliance requirements.

As a stepping stone to the school of subliminal science that grants mastery of human communication below the level of conscious awareness, my work on the first publications on “body language” and “talk language” served as a springboard.

When properly used, the methods, abilities, and tactics discussed here will result in a 100% improvement in the percentage of completed transactions. and if it doesn’t, you can always ask for a refund—so why not just buy the book, “How to get people to give you money”?

Below is a taste of the new you, written by the one and only author who could create such a thing having authored “How to Buy a House for a Dollar” It’s for the time-poor who don’t have time to reattend university preferring just to buy the results.                                                                                                     

Take the trip and be transformed by the best to be the Best.

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