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Here is where you’ll find the community, training, resources, and education to empower you to stop playing small, think bigger, recognize your genius, and stop playing by everybody else’s rules. Here is where you hone your skills, break from the handcuffs of the past, and move away from the same old people holding you back

There’s a place for you here…

[ An open letter to those moving forward ]

Sick of being forced into a mould in order to carve out a means to "success" that no one has ever defined for you. Too tired of hearing that something is impossible or won't work because nobody has tried it before. Have you ever attempted to escape from a swamp, only to be pulled back in by creatures that rely on you to remain there for warmth?

You want to avoid being alone, discouraged, beaten, and subjected to other people’s negative scripts?

If you’re seeking a space to rejoice, you shouldn’t have to confine yourself to the outdated traditional views voiced by those that don’t know and never have but love to embed themselves in yesterdays thinking whilst forecasting the future. 

For as long as I can remember, people have told me things like “you can’t do that, or it will never work” , no “YOU” can’t, but the people I hang out with can. So I get it.

…maybe you’re familiar with a few of these…

“It takes years to make it in television,” I wrote, produced, and starred in my own TV programme, and it seemed like overnight. 

“It’s impossible to earn a living playing music and takes years” I also wrote, recorded, and had a song on broadcast within 24 hours, which led to an album deal, and I can’t even read music

“If you could make money speaking from a stage everybody would be doing it”According to official records, I earned a little over $20 million in 42 months, making me the highest-paid speaker in Australia. (If you’re not into money, then you should probably go.) 

“If that was legal, somebody would have done it already.” I made the We Buy Houses real estate brand one of the most cutting-edge ones today by expanding it across several nations, cultures, languages, and legal systems.

What we do here is cultivate, influence and strive to know better stuff, but the power of what you know put into action determines how much money you can make today.

The greatest outcomes are achieved when people work together as a team, with everyone on the same page and “getting it.” We build communities so that people don’t lose sight of the larger picture, the goal, the meaning, and the reason they’re here.


With a vision, you will fire passion, you will create goals then milestones, like a GPS  that shows you the way, and this strong desire, like an out-of-control bushfire, will have money follow.

So you don’t lose sight of the big picture, the purpose, the meaning, the reason for being, we create community as the best  results come from a team playing together, everybody on the same side who “gets it”

you’re here because, where you are today, is not where you want to be..

It's time to get your message, product or service to millions.

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Let’s add a comma to your bank statement by multiplying your leads, conversions and sales with scale and leverage 

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