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So, Let's get going!

Any book we read, course we take or seminar we attend provides skills, which in turn gives us more money as people don’t want skills they want the result of learning those skills which is making more money.

But what if we could get there quicker?

This page is for those who want to make more  money and not be embarrassed by it or see it as a bad thing as money is really only an object by which we measure progress. Money comes in many formats arriving in numerous vehicles so if you’d like to learn how to make more of it quicker, faster with less roadblocks 

Then there’s a place for you here……R

[ An open letter to those moving forward ]

Hi, I'm Rick Otton and decades at the coal face has taught me that the only thing we cannot buy in life is time so we need to maximize the outcome as we're a long time looking up at the lid and nobody is inviting us back for a second innings.

People want the benefit money provides and once you get this then your life changes and the timetable massively changes.

A man works work a job for years to create financial freedom to travel the world. Traveling the world is the result everything else prior is just a process burning time.. Get a bus license, driving tourists around the world tomorrow as everybody pays whilst you get paid.


  Mr Seller, Are you selling this asset because you need the cash  or to rid yourself  debt?. Assuming debts means  you have assets in a few days rather than years trying to earn money when it was the asset you were trying to obtain  

I worked in a bar when I was young in Dallas Texas and I asked the owner why he owned the bar. He told me it was so he could sell drinks. I told him he was not in the drinks business but the money business therefore the object of the bar is to make more money so we removed the bar stools so people had to stand. 3x more people could order drinking 3x the speed drinking as they now now had to hold their drinks. 

 People gave us more money increasing nett profits 5x and we were packed out full every night.

…here is a little bit about me …

“It takes years to make it in television,” I wrote, produced, and starred in my own TV programme, and it seemed like overnight. 

“It’s impossible to earn a living playing music and takes years” I also wrote, recorded, and had a song on broadcast within 24 hours, which led to an album deal, and I can’t even read music

“If you could make money speaking from a stage everybody would be doing it”According to official records, I earned a little over $20 million in 42 months, making me the highest-paid speaker in Australia. (If you’re not into money, then you should probably go.) 

“If that was legal, somebody would have done it already.” I made the We Buy Houses real estate brand one of the most cutting-edge ones today by expanding it across several nations, cultures, languages, and legal systems.

Ohh Did I also mention I also got a book fine for writing bad words in a book increased from $60,000 to $18,000,000 because I was too rich and even then it was felt to be a drop in the ocean so the lesson here is never brag about how much you have because someone is going to want to come take it 🙂

because the amount of money you make today is the power of what you know put into action and here we celebrate those breaking new ground and skipping over past self beliefs

The greatest outcomes are achieved when people work together as a team so choosing to hook up your wagon to someone else’s who’s already been where you want to go means you can get their quicker and avoid the Indians.


I can tell you or show you as the learning is in the tell,  but the remembering and knowing is in the show  

you’re here because, where you are today, is not where you want to be..

It's time to combine my 40 years skill with your passion to Learn & Earn.

Work with us

Let’s add a comma to your bank statement by a JV’s with 50/50 profit share as I prefer to be paid by results we get rather than fees and I earn more 🙂

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